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Note: Configuration support is not included in this product. All configuration is explained in full detail in the file, with examples. We can answer simple questions, but we are not here to write your configuration files for you.


This DLC for bLogs will make specified logs show up on a Discord channel of your choice.


Pick what logs you want sent to Discord (prevents spam)

SteamIDs sent with logs

Separation by server with customisable server name

Shows server IP address

Logs have nice formatting like bold player names and coded miscellaneous data

Log colour coding



  • A Discord server you are an administrator on
  • bLogs version Remastered-16 or higher

In the config file


Either true or false. Enables/disables the DLC.


This contains your license key for the product, which is automatically generated and filled in when you download the product.


This is the name of the server the DLC is installed to. This will show up on the Discord messages which allows you to identify which server is sending what logs.


This is the URL of your Discord webhook. This is where the magic happens.

To get this URL, you will need to generate it on your Discord server:

  1. Right click on the channel you want logs to appear in
  2. Click "Webhooks"
  3. Click "Create Webhook"
  4. Fill in the webhook name and optionally the icon
  5. Copy the "Webhook URL"
  6. Click "Save"
  7. Paste it into the config


In the bLogs in-game config

To enable sending a module's logs to Discord:

  1. Open bLogs
  2. Click "Admin" (you must be MaxPermitted)
  3. Click "Modules"
  4. Click on a module you want to send to Discord
  5. Check "Send to Discord"

DRM Notice

This script uses a light, custom DRM which uses generated license keys.

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