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Workshop Model Pack (Thanks to Gmodfan3)

Don't Blink

Don't Blink is a gamemode which was made based off of the popular television series "Doctor Who", it features Survivors, Doctors and Weeping Angels. As a survivor, you must survive until the end to win, but if you are lucky enough to become a Weeping Angel, you must slaughter every human!


  • Easy configuration
  • Supports most maps
  • A fully featured round system
    • Customizable using the config file
  • Fast support.
  • Supports PointShop, with configuration on how much to give on round win/loss/death.
  • Using the configuration file, you are able to fully customize how you want the teams to act, as well as defining many game rules such as speed in between blinks and how long the blinks last, as well as whether or not players should be allowed to pick up props.
  • Each team has specific goals. The Survivors need to survive to the end of the round in order to win, and the Weeping Angels need to slaughter all the humans. If you're lucky, you can spawn as the Doctor with a boost to your speed for that quick getaway!
  • Extremely lightweight with amazing optimisation
  • Drag & Drop installation

Planned Features

  • Localization (with numerous languages included) and ability to self-translate the gamemode.
  • An immersive perk system.
  • Special rounds.
  • A map voting system.
  • Administrative privileges.
  • An in-game wiki.

Featured Servers

OFFICIAL Don't Blink |
SurrealGameServers - Custom Content/Pointshop/More


Click here to view the default configuration.
Click here for the Workshop model pack.
Click here for a sample map.
The configuration can be found under gamemode/dontblink/sh_config.lua


For suggestions and/or bug reports, use the ticket system on GmodStore.

Make sure to post a review, it would mean a lot to me. Thanks.

For Developers

/// Serverside Hooks
hook.Add( "DontBlink_RoundStart", function( survivorsWin )
 -- round start code here
 -- survivorsWin is a boolean, returns true if the survivors won
end )

hook.Add( "DontBlink_RoundEnding", function()
 -- round end code here
end )

// Functions
DontBlink.GetMatchState() // shared: returns true if in a match
DontBlink.IsSpectating( ply ) // shared: checks if that player is spectating
DontBlink.ArePlayersBlinking() // serverside: whether or not the players are blinking

// Team Enumerators
TEAM_SPECTATOR or 0 // spectator team
TEAM_WEEPINGANGEL or 1 // weeping angel team
TEAM_SURVIVOR or 2 // survivor team
TEAM_DOCTOR or 3 // doctor team


  • GlorifiedPig
  • Gmodfan3
  • BBC
  • Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber, Donald Wilson for creating Doctor Who, hence inspiring this gamemode

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