Proper Reserved Slots

Do you want to have properly working reseved slots?
This will surely add another useful perk to you admin or even donator ranks and will give them a bigger reason to donate.


A simple and easy to use add-on for adding reserved slots to your server. Some of you might ask "What is the difference between this and the one built in ULX?". The biggest of the differences is that if a person tries joining a reserved slot, but doesn't have the proper "access" they will be kicked off the server before a single file has started downloading. So the people with actual access to reserved slots won't have to wait for them(Ones with no access) to finish downloading the files, before they can actually join. Of course there are other differences as well as future support and other things to be added after requests.


•Very configurable
•Fully customizable messages and texts
•No need for any custom FastDL stuff, everything is only Lua based
•ULX, serverguard, Assmod, moderator and evolve support
•Other admin mod support after requests
•Add-on format (Just drop it in add-ons and you are done)
•Invisible reserved slots
•Reserve based on group or SteamID
•Config for kicking the latest joined player or the one that has joined longest time ago(config) if a "reserved" player is joining
•Works on any gamemode


Can be seen under media tab, even tho there is not much to see :D


•Extract the zip file you download
•Open the created folder
•Copy the prs folder over to your server addons folder


•Go to addons\prs\lua\autorun\server
•Open sv_prs.lua
•Customize the addon to you liking

To-Do list

Nothing at the moment :) If feel like anything should be added, tell me


If you have bought my addon and have ANY issues with it, feel free to submit a support ticket to me so I can help you.


If you have any questions about the addon, feel free to either ask them here in comment section or add me on steam

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