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PlayYou rated

The addon does what the title says.

Paint rated

Works like a charm! =)

OpticGavin rated

Easy to install and configure! Way better than the ulx one.

jaxjaxk rated

about time for something like this to exist!

Good addon and very helpful author

Superbrain8 rated

Just Perfekt it work with Mutiple Adminmods and stop being Frustratet after connecting a server and get the standart Reserved slot massage

Silver rated

Very satisfied with this script. Way better than the default ULX reserved slots.

roro rated

perfect script

Georges ツ rated

Working, cheap and easy

McSniper rated

Works great! Better than the ulx system! Recommend it 10/10

Works good

Comedian rated

Perfect, exellent script

Sheders rated

Awesome script if you want it to be easy to setup reserved slots!:)

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