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Three's Builder

Tired of how annoying and repetitive building is in DarkRP and Sandbox? Tired of having to switch between tools such as precision and stacker to get just the result you want? Welcome to the future - Three's Builder is a revolutionary new script that brings a Sims-style build mode to sandbox-based gamemodes in Garry's Mod (including DarkRP!).

You are able to fly around in a small restricted area (radius configurable), select props from the spawn menu, rotate and position them, and apply colors and materials as you wish before finally placing them. The builder also includes various tools to aid players, such as automatically welding and freezing props, as well as a stacker allowing you to snap two props together by just clicking on the side of one.

You can also configure the builder to only activate for certain usergroups, jobs, or players - providing huge donation incentive!


  • Obeys all of your prop rules, so whitelists/blacklists/etc you have will work 100% fine
  • Select and place down props exactly how you want them
  • Can move, copy, and remove props
  • Rotate props on three different axis, change the axis by holding down modifier keys SHIFT and ALT
  • Favorite prop list, you can rightclick things in the Q menu while building and add them to your favorites to spawn later!

  • Snap grid to help you build precisely and consistently
  • Select colors and materials that apply to newly placed props
  • Snap various building parts together with the stacking feature
  • Weld and freeze newly placed props

  • Walking mode, so you can walk and build instead of flying!
  • Completely non-exploitable flying within a specified radius, cannot break line of sight to the player and cannot go through walls

  • Visualize where you can build with both a wireframe sphere and a distance bar
  • Magical beam from your hand when you're building
  • Contextual controls next to your crosshair to show players what buttons to press
  • Incredibly comprehensive in-game settings menu allowing your players to configure over 15 aspects of the builder
  • Customizeable keybinds, so you can map any action to any key
  • Beautiful matching UI

  • Open/close the builder with chat commands you specify
  • 100% custom language support
  • Ability to restrict the builder to usergroups, jobs, or users in the config
  • Seperate SWEP (classname threes_builder) that opens the builder when you left click, give this to jobs to allow them to build without changing any permissions
  • Admin checker SWEP (classname tb_checker) that shows you who placed a prop with the builder, give this to your admins

  • Much more, just check out the demonstration video to get a taste for everything that you can do!

Installation and Configuration

This download includes two addons - threes_builder and threebow. Threebow is my helper library containing general-purpose things for many of my scripts. Just drag both of them into your addons folder, replacing threebow if it already exists (from another one of my addons.)

You can then configure the script by editing addons/threes_builder/lua/threes_builder/config.lua.

Entering Build Mode

  1. Make sure you have permission in the config (everyone does by default)
  2. Execute the builder console command OR Execute one of the chat commands defined in config. !build is one of the default ones and should work just fine. Also, if the EnterBuilderAutomatically config option is enabled, you can just spawn a prop and the builder will activate on its own.

You can close the builder by clicking on the X in the top left or by repeating step 2.


If you have any questions, use the script discussion. Do not use it for support, submit a ticket instead.
I will not provide refunds after the script has been bought.
If you have any suggestions for stuff I can add, submit a ticket and I'll probably add it.
If you have any issues with the script, don't submit a negative review immediately - submit a support ticket through GmodStore first and I will help you out.
Do not add me on Steam for support.

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