Prometheus - The enterprise GMod donation system

By Marcuz and Newjorciks

Please use this for support and not gmodstore

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  • A brain installed to your PCI-Express-brain slot in your head(Between your ears), make sure it's updated to the latest driver and has the "know how to manage a server" and "know what a webserver is" modules installed

Webserver Requirements

  • PHP 5.4 or greater and PHP 7.1 or lower
    • Latest version of 5.4 works
    • Latest version of PHP 7.1 works, however 7.2 does currently not work
  • A MySQL database
  • The following enabled and installed in php:
    • pdo_mysql
    • mbstring
    • url_allow_fopen
    • php-xml
    • OpenSSL, with HTTPS wrapper
    • cURL

Please check that your webserver supports Prometheus by following this guide:

Enjin does not work with this

GMod Server Requirements

  • The MySQLoo or tMySQL Module for GMod

PayPal Requirements (You can use another Payment Gateway)

  • A PayPal Premier or PayPal Business account. Premier is usually default now, but upgrading to Premier from Personal is completely free. So is Business.


Multiple payment gateways

  • PayPal
  • Paymentwall (Their review process is shit)
  • Stripe
  • An API
    • You can create external scripts for Prometheus and via the use of cURL you can grab information or set information using our RESTapi
  • PayPal subscriptions - (Recurring payments)
  • Chargeback detection
    • Only for PayPal and Paymentwall atm, Stripe doesn't have a pingback URL
  • Sales system
    • Ability to put packages on sale for a certain period of time
  • Support ticket system - (Incase the administrators aren't online when the customers are for pre-purchase questions)
  • News system - (Post news post for your players)
  • Editable main page
  • Terms of Service - (Don't want any legal issues do we?)
  • Categories for packages
  • Supported admin mods:
    • Ulib(ULX)
    • Moderator
    • Evolve
    • AssMod
    • ServerGuard
  • Ability to set a featured package
    • Both for only one server and on the main store page
  • Global packages
    • Work across servers connected to the same installation of Prometheus
  • Multiple servers support
  • Raffle system
  • !donate command ingame
  • Ability to purchase VIP whilst already a moderator and be put in a group like "vip_moderator"
  • Packages stack if you buy multiple non permanent ones
  • Ability to give a "trial package" away if you set the price to 0 and the package to non permanent
  • Monthly donation goal
  • Top donators list
  • Latest donators list
  • Permissions system
    • You can set up different permission groups for admins on the web panel
  • DarkRP custom jobs
    • You can let your players choose what models/weapons/paycheck etc they want, and you choose how much each addition cost
  • SourceMod support for flags and groups (This plugin only supports admin-flatfile.smx, admin-sql-threaded.smx, or Sourcebans 2.0 alpha.)
    • (Courtesy of Nanochip) - This is not for Garry's Mod
  • Theme editor - Easily edit the colours of the website
  • Coupon codes

And so much more...


Packages are highly customisable and they offer a lot of features that other donation systems do not have. The following things are possible to set with a package:

  • Name
  • Display image
    • A 1138px x 240px .png image
  • Set price in money or price in credits(If credits are enabled)
  • Ability to let the user decide their own price
  • You can even let a specific package send money to a different paypal account!
  • Packages can also be free if you so desire, as a "trial package" for example
    • These can also be set to not be used again, so it can't be abused
  • Category
  • Server it is assigned to
  • Informative labels
    • Descriptive lines of what the package does. This looks way better than a description does
  • Description
    • Uses an editor which allows you to input pretty much any HTML you want
  • Whether or not the package is permanent, not permanent, purchasable more than once while active

  • Other useful things:
    • You can upgrade a package from another
    • You can hide a package from a user who doesn't own a certain package
    • You can hide packages from users who own no packages

And so much more...


Actions are assigned to a package after the package has been added. These are the actions currently supported:

  • Give rank when the package is bought, and a different rank(or remove it) when(if) it expires.
  • Pointshop 1
  • Pointshop 2
    • Normal and Premium points
  • DarkRP Money
  • DarkRP Levels
    • If the addon by Vrondakis is installed. Netheous' addon also work, but requires a custom action. Create a support ticket about this
  • Permanent weapons
    • Has different options: Only once, On each spawn
  • Console command
    • Has different options: Only once, On each spawn, Every time you join, Instantly
  • Custom lua (When package is bought and when it expires)
    • Has different options: Only once, On each spawn, Every time you join, Instantly
  • DayZ give item
    • For the DayZ gamemode by Phoenix
  • DayZ give credits
    • For the DayZ gamemode by Phoenix
  • Teamspeak 3 give channel / server group
    • See the wiki for more information
  • DarkRP custom jobs
    • You can let your players choose what models/weapons/paycheck etc they want, and you choose how much each addition cost
  • Sourcemod - This plugin only supports admin-flatfile.smx, admin-sql-threaded.smx, or Sourcebans 2.0 alpha. (Courtesy of Nanochip)
    • Ability to give flags/groups in games such as CS:GO, TF2 and CS:S
  • Ability to select compatability with other packages
  • Ability to choose packages that will be hidden if a certain package is not owned
  • Ability to choose upgrades of packages (Next package is discounted by the price of the package you bought)

If an action is missing just use a custom lua action

After purchasing

After purchasing you need to visit in order to get your API key. It may take up to 15 minutes for this to update after your purchase.

The documentation/wiki is located here:

Video tutorial on installing Prometheus by GoldTrigger:

How to update

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