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It is dead easy to install , It works well and the support on their website is great!

Best Donation system in the market, with amazing administration interface. Support system is great, sad enough PaysafeCard can't be implemented but there are good reasons for that.

Southpaw rated

it very good but I think I got code error and not sure what is an error. maybe my website using wrong Apache set up

If you have an error you need to submit a support ticket.

BlueSn00w rated
lakeey rated

Well configured Garry's Mod donation system. Just gotta find the proper website hosting. Better to go with the web hosting/Garry's Mod hosting Prometheus is partnered with because it's an easy configure then, plus a lot of free website hostings are taking the remote mysql forcing you to buy their trash web hosting.

Nebulea rated
Twitchyb1t rated

Very Easy to install, even easier to configure the store once put on your web host. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

BuuDozerHD rated

Good Donation System but the Donation System + Web Host can be very expensive. It is worth the price but my opinion stays.

Webhost's vary a lot in price. It doesn't have anything to do with Prometheus. Using your own web-host is a design decision so that you get more freedom with the source code.

Juggz rated

If you dont buy this script you are doing your community a disservice.

VipersRythm rated

I love it! Wonderful support, easy access, and great for newer owners!

Damion Hearn rated

Very good for newer server Owners if you need a easy way for people to donate sleak design aswell

󠀡Whale rated

It stays updated, that's all I ask :)

Gaby rated

That's a fucking good Donation System...
I just asked @Marcuz to give me some hints to add my own PHP actions, and he answered me in a few hours. Nothing to say about the support, they are so fast to answer!

After having seen the Prometheus source code, the only criticism I can make is that there are practically no comments. Nevertheless, the code remains extremely readable, thanks to the perfect indentations! It's really quality work!

Even without modifications, Prometheus remains a very well-established system that has proven itself in many communities! It is very elegant and easy to use for novices.

Anyway, I think I can say that Prometheus is by far the best donation system that exists on this store.

Yeah, I had a bad habit of not commenting code previously :(

Netto rated

Lol marcuz got pranked 5 star great script!

Quack🦆 rated

muchos grande script

Chandler rated

I was one of the first like 30 when I purchased this 3 years ago! I've been using it ever since. This is a must need for any community!

mistyisty rated

Pretty good.

I love this system so much, It's so nice not having to hop on when you're busy to deal with donations. I recommend this script to all the server owners out there.

Threebow rated
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