What is Enhanced Meth Lab?

Enhanced meth lab is a new and realistic way to gain in-game cash inside your DarkRP servers. Unlike the vanilla version, the enhanced meth lab adds a new mini-game in which, the player must put his skills and patience into the task of creating the perfect crystal! Introducing realistic chem lab mechanics to your very own server! Purchase it now and let the inner Walter White come out!

In Game

1) First, the player must purchase a stove, a few pots, jar and a few chemicals.

2) Then, you must place the chemicals inside the pots and or jars according to the recipe.

3) Then, you must cook the substance on the stove and start shaking the jar carefully.

4) Once everything's ready, combine it and place it in the stove again.

5) And at last, obtain the money you've just earned!

7) And remember Mister White, getting caught is bad, very bad.


Fits DarkRP.


3D2D Intuitive Interface

Good looking visuals.

Heating system.

Fuel system.

Realistic process.

Player friendly.

Plenty of real chemicals.

Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuZr2KME69s

Not complex enough?

Check out Another Meth Lab


1) Buy.

2) Download.

3) Place folder "Enhanced Meth Laboratory" to <your Server folder>/garrysmod/addons/.

4) Configure.

5) Add to DarkRP.

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