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Originally coded by Polkm back in Gmod10 this version has been remade for Gmod13 using new code with a fresh new look, plenty of bug fixes that plagued the older versions and also works with Linux. (great for server owners)

A online server with MySQL is required to play this.

Constantly updated to include new quests, items/weapons/armour and NPCs.

Currently supports the following maps: ud_lockedwaste, gm_fork, rp_pripyat_fixed, rp_evocity2_v2p, rp_rockford_v2b or HGN_SRP_Chernobyl_Beta
rp_rockford_v2b is recommended as it is the most up to date map.

Any map can be used with Underdone RPG but you will need to set it up with NPC spawns using the built in editor.

Current release version: v1.3.1

Why should I choose this version over the others that are out there online for download?

This version is constantly updated, error free (let me know if you find any), runs on Linux servers, works with ULX and comes with Polkm's blessing.
Just look at all the features it has below.

Please leave a review once you have purchased it, it really helps out a lot
I also wont revoke access to your script if you leave a negative review unlike some other addon authors do forcing you to leave them positive reviews.

Check out a Let's play of Underdone RPG by Farmer on YouTube

  • Demo Video
  • Demo Video


You can do many thing in Underdone

  • Plays a lot like Runescape/WOW etc
  • Do heaps of quests that can be done on your own or with the help of others
  • Repeatable quests
  • Events (NPC's attacking spawn etc. Has to be setup by the player)
  • Kill many types of NPC's
  • Duel based PVP (No RDM!)
  • Multiple character models to chose from each with their own voice lines and quotes
  • Gain experience by completing quests and killing NPC's
  • Melee and Armed Combat
  • Extensive skill tree (gain bonus to suit your gameplay style)
  • Group up with other players to complete quests easier and share experience.
  • Heaps of PAC3 based weapons, shields and armours
  • Crafting
  • Plant trees, cut down wood
  • Plant fruit and harvest them
  • Store your equipment in the local bank
  • Purchase the Airboat or Jeep (Jeep is VIP only and you can access your bank from it)
  • Put items into a public Auction so others can buy them and you get the money
  • MySQL Saving (This is a requirement)
  • VJ Base is NOT supported till the author of it fixes his addon
  • Works with ULX and is recommended to be used (ASSMod is NOT supported because it is horribly coded no one should ever use it)
  • Supports Prometheus and other Donation addons
  • VIP/Donator options including zones they can only enter, bigger bank storage, configurable max inventory space, loose less money on death etc.
  • Supports DarkRP type addons such as ARCBank, ARCSlots, Chess and Checkers and others (You can find a list of known supported scripts here.
  • Plus plenty more and always adding more features!

Basic Install:

Please refer to the guide on the Underdone RPG wiki

Quick FAQ:

Please refer to the FAQ on the Underdone RPG wiki

Support will be provided to people needing help on how to install the gamemode for free.
If you start wanting help with extra things like modifying the gamemode then this will cost you.
Unless you have some sort of experience with lua, don't buy this gamemode, it's not made for 5 year olds.

Thanks to Kire for the banner.

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