Proper Blacklist addon

Do people keep using family sharing on your server or maybe you keep getting untrustworthy VAC banned people.

This will keep your server way cleaner than it is now, you can set tons of checks on players, so you can remove the unwanted ones!


A simple, easy to configure add-on for keeping your server cleaner. Keeping unwanted people out of your server.


•Fully customizable checks
•Supports running custom functions on any check
•Fully customizable messages
•No need for any custom FastDL stuff, everything is only Lua based
•ULX, evolve and exto ban support
•Automatically detects what admin mod you have
•Supports Baning, kicking or warn(Chat message)
•Supports message to all players on the server(useful in case you want everyone to know that the person has been VAC banned before)
•Add any amount of checks to be ran on each person that joins(List of available below)
•Support for other admin add-ons after request
•Addon format (Just drop it in addons, configure and you are done)
•Quick download (has no materials, only 3 small lua files)

Available checks

FamilySharing -- Checks if the person is using family sharing to play Gmod right now
NotGroup -- Checks if the person is not a part of a group
GmodTime -- Checks if the person hasn't played gmod for enough time
GameNum -- Checks if the person doesn't own enough games(Paid ones, not free ones) on steam
Game -- Checks if the person doesn't own a specific game
AccountTime -- Checks if the person doesn't have enough time from the time they created their account
VAC -- Checks if the person has been VAC banned before
VACTime -- Checks if the person has had a VAC ban in the past {set} time


Can be seen under media tab


•Extract the zip file you download
•Open the created folder
•Copy the pblacklist folder over to your server addons folder
•Remember to configure it!


•Go to addons\pblacklist\lua
•Open pblacklist_config.lua
•Customize the addon to you liking
•Remember to add the API Key!

To-Do list

• [DONE] Support for any action, not just Ban, Kick and Warn(Chat)

If feel like anything should be added, tell me


If you have bought my addon and have ANY issues with it, feel free to submit a support ticket to me so I can help you.


If you have any questions about the addon, feel free to either ask them here in comment section or add me on steam

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