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<New>jorciks</New> author commented 5 months ago

@Awsomethefirst Just look in the description of the add-on, says right there:
"GameNum -- Checks if the person doesn't own enough games(Paid ones, not free ones) on steam"

Awsomethefirst purchased commented 5 months ago

Is there support for checking if players have a certain number of games

vonayvs commented 6 months ago

now garry can't connect to my server :D

The0161sFinest purchased commented 12 months ago

ehh too much effort i'll probably just not use serverguard lmao

@SmithyT No it doesn't, so no ban support and no whitelist depending on rank. Otherwise it will work, and as you can use a custom function( With the PBList_Function type) to be run, you can add your own ban function to it.

The0161sFinest purchased commented 12 months ago

does this support SeverGuard? I know it doesn't say so in the banner but i'm just checking.

<New>jorciks</New> author commented 1 year ago

@Martin Unless GBans also stores the bans in the local ban table of ULX, then no.

Martin commented 1 year ago

Does this works with gbans?

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<New>jorciks</New> author commented 2 years ago

I might have it somewhere on my PC still, add me and I'll give it to you.

that script to filter our people from the US to sttop joining UK server is it still avaliable???

<New>jorciks</New> author commented 2 years ago

No it doesn't, but if you wish I have a script just for that which I can just give you.

Avery commented 2 years ago

Would it be possible to filter by region so that you don't have people from the UK joining US Servers?

<New>jorciks</New> author commented 2 years ago

That is already a thing

Snugzz commented 2 years ago

will you be adding a feature to ban people apart of a certain group?

noize commented 3 years ago

You may also add more features via... an API like... http://www.telize.com/ this will allow blocking by provider, country, and so on.

Cian purchased commented 3 years ago

I had no reason for getting a server guard but now I do Throws 8 quarters at Dr. Newjorciks

Ah. Ok. Thanks anyway.

<New>jorciks</New> author commented 3 years ago

There is no way to filter their actual age, because steam doesn't have it, even if steam had it somewhere, they could still set them as old.

Would this be able to filter ages? I have had enough of really young children coming on my server and rule breaking.

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