Steam Group Rewards


  • Now supports both Pointshop and Pointshop2!
  • A great new way to let players find your steam group, and give out rewards instantly for joining!
  • Flat, hot and modern design with customizable colors, text and buttons
  • Rewards System for DarkRP Cash, Pointshop Credits & Items, TTT Karma, and more…
  • Fluid animations, easy to configure and setup in seconds

Feature List

  • Let players see and join your steam group easily
  • Automatically check group membership and give rewards to those who join instantly
  • Customize text, buttons, colours, effects and sounds
  • Works on any screen resolution and works on Windows PCs, Mac and Linux
  • Fluid effects and progress checking animations
  • Messages to explain rewards, checking status and success
  • Join and don’t join buttons (Auto close rewards bar after configurable time)
  • Configurable to be open/closed by any chat command (defaults to !steam)
  • Configurable to enable/disable cursor on any FKey (F1,F2,F3 or F4)
  • Enable/disable multiple rewards for joining the steam group
  • SuperAdmin command (rewards_reset), to reset all rewards data
  • Optional MySQL support for syncing rewards data between multiple servers.


  • Unzip the download, and put SteamGroupRewards into the addons folder
  • See the readme.txt if you need any further help installing, or contact me


  • To help you get setup and customizing in seconds, the configuration file includes help and comments on what does what.
  • Free support is offered for the lifetime of GmodStore, you can contact me via Steam,Skype or here on GmodStore (PM me!)
  • If you find any bugs, issues or other problems these will be resolved quickly and updated here on GmodStore for all users to benefit from.

Customizable Files

Rewards Settings
Rewards Reward Types
Rewards Theme

Reward Types

Rewards Banner

  • Pointshop & Pointshop2 Points & Items – Configure an amount of pointshop points & items as a reward. In PS2 you can configure both standard and premium points.
  • DarkRP Cash – Configure an amount of cash to be given as a reward (Supports DarkRP 2.4.x,2.5.x and 2.6.x)
  • TTT Karma – Configure a Karma bonus as a reward
  • ULX Groups - Configure a ULX group for players to be assigned to as a reward. (This will not overwrite their current rank if they have a higher than default rank.)
  • Custom Rewards – Configure custom rewards easily, or PM me if you have a great idea and we’ll add it!




Any Questions? Please contact me!

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