Mayor Voting/Elections System

  • A great new mayor elections system for DarkRP, with NPC and loads of customization options!
  • Flat, hot and modern design with customizable colors
  • Supports DarkRP 2.4.x,DarkRP 2.5.x and DarkRP 2.6.x
  • Fluid animations, effects, and many configurable settings…

Feature List

  • Comes with NPC for players to enter voting (they can also enter via the F4 menu)
  • Customize voting colors, sounds, text notifications and more style options
  • Works on any screen resolution and works on Windows PCs, Mac and Linux
  • Works and tested on DarkRP 2.4.x,DarkRP 2.5.x and DarkRP 2.6.x
  • Options to configure entry fee for mayor election
  • Settings for minimum and maximum candidate numbers
  • Configure vote times, cooldown and notice times
  • Automatically demote mayor on death (configurable)
  • Options to allow/disallow candidates to vote
  • Fluid hover ,selection and mayor results animations
  • SuperAdmin command (mayor_vote_placenpc) to easily set NPC position, also supports multiple maps


  • Unzip the download, and put MayorVotingSystem into the addons folder
  • See the readme.txt if you need any further help installing or setting up the NPC, or contact me


  • To help you get setup and customizing in seconds, each configuration file includes help and comments on what does what.
  • Free support is offered for the lifetime of GmodStore , you can contact me via Steam,Skype or here on GmodStore
  • If you find any bugs, issues or other problems these will be resolved quickly and updated here on GmodStore for all users to benefit from.

Customizable Files

Config File
Settings File
Theme options File




Any Questions? Please contact me!

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