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Not many weather options. Notorious for causing crashes due to it being a very CPU intensive script. Although this is a nice script to have for realism, I would not recommend it as it will come to a point where the server will face performance issues.

Admiration rated

Does not work on all maps, does not offer support after accepting add on steam.

very high cpu and loss of fps when rain 50+ fps drop on a good comp. my guess is on lower end be like a slide show.

Manually assigned Sys32 rated

Removes skybox on map clear, not a ton of info on weather settings, crashes servers when it goes above 20 players, very cpu heavy.

Dont work with any Log System, no support.

momo951 rated

Waiting for support during 3 months.

StaticNation rated

Amazing script! All the weather options are amazing and very immersive! The author is very helpful too with issues. 10/10!

freemmaann rated

Strange, people have been reporting that this does not work with VCMod. Just bought it, tried it out, 0 issues.

Anyone have any ideas?

Anywho, nice work, glad to support this addon.

NecroFoxx rated

Awesome script! 5/5

This addon is currently used on my TTT server. Seems to run better then I expected since TTT has a lot to do itself.

Lv1 Magikarp rated

I adore this script, I don't think there is anything else like this out there and I am astounded it's still being sold for $7.99 (Sorry forgot to leave a review, it was a few months ago now when I bought it)

The weather effects are amazing, I feel it should be a must have for any Dark RP server if you are wanting to add a touch of realism.

Only down side is some people have FPS issues but !stopweather fixes that or setting the max length of the weather to just 15 minutes or so.

10/10 Thank you.

Blue rated
[SPR] Hodas rated

I was first having doubts what this addon could actually do and I was kinda comparing it to Atmos which is free from Workshop. Thought to give it a shot and bought this addon.. I had my first moments just testing it a bit and holy fuck (excuse my language), This is damn nice! we're having Military RP in kinda Desert-ish map and sandstorm, thunderstorm, darkness set to highest.. It just makes this so god damn awesome. I would recommend anyone to get this 200%!

Includes many weathers, and is actively supported by the creator. The weather effects range from rain to sandstorms to blizzards. The optional DLC includes a few more outlandish weathers, and it's easy to make your own if you know how to work Lua. If you like Atmos or other weather mods, try this one! It's a great mod, and well worth the price!

DJReFor rated

I really like this script especially since the latest update. The day and night looks really awesome and doesn't eat to much FPS. The weather types are well made but can be a bit FPS intensive. With the latest update, v 1.32, everything works well as it should. A couple of months ago it didn't work that well with a lot of problems with the weather, but they seem to be all fixed now. So I feel that the latest updates deserves 5 stars because it looks really awesome!

Manually assigned Shadowz rated

It ruins my server with errors, not very happy

Hi there! I know you have a script ticket out - maybe it'd be a good idea to bump that first?

Either way, you specified an invalid weather mode, either in your autoweather setup or in an admin command.

Manually assigned Mika32 rated

Server lag with this script... Atmos is better !

Snuff rated

This script is broken, don't purchase.

Das Ente rated


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