This addon adds weather effects to any server, such as rain, snow, thunderstorms, blizzards, and fog, as well as a day/night cycle.



  • Beautiful effects - choose between rain, snow, storms, blizzards, and fog to add immersion and depth to your server.
  • Day/Night system - create the effect of an entire atmosphere.
  • Optimized - designed for use on any-sized server, and for any user.
  • Synchronized weather and time - all players see the same type of weather and time of day, no matter if they just joined or have been playing for hours.
  • Auto-weather - start and stop weather every so often, based on the addon's configuration.
  • Extremely configurable - customize everything from the size of rain droplets to the auto-weather delay.
  • Administration commands - control the system through easy-to-use console commands, ULX, or Maestro, depending on what's installed.
  • Immersive - from colormod to individual rain droplets onscreen to thunder and lightning to moving the sun around, no expense was spared.
  • Versatile - works on any map or gamemode.
  • Clientside configuration - players can optimize performance settings for themselves if wanted.
  • Addon format - easy to install.
  • Workshop support - all the custom content is hosted on the Workshop for fast downloading.


Tested on my PC - here are the statistics for performance drop per-effect. All effect settings are customizable if you don't get a desired FPS!
No effect: ~120fps
Rain: ~100fps
Snow: ~90fps
Storm: ~70fps

Script filesize: 50kb
Content filesize: 3.9mb


Copy the SimpleWeather folder to your addons directory. After that, read the readme.

Admin Commands

  • sw_weather [type] - Change the weather.
  • sw_stopweather - Clear the skies.
  • sw_autoweather [0/1] - Toggle auto-weather.
  • sw_settime [0-24] - Set the time (0 is midnight, 12 is noon, 15 is 3pm, etc.)
  • sw_enabletime [0/1] - Freeze the passage of time.

Chat Commands

  • !weatheroptions - Bring up the client configuration menu.

If you need to contact me, please do so via ScriptFodder tickets or PMs and not on Steam.

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