Give players a reason to join back!


With DataSave, players will have their roleplaying data automatically backed-up. After unexpected (serverside or clientside) crashes, they will be able to restore their progress on your server via chat command.

Scenario 1

The server has crashed.

Player: Dang it! I just finished building my awesome base that took an hour to make! Wait, I can always just restore it when the server comes back online. Yes!

Scenario 2

Mom: Son! Stop playing and take out the trash! If you don't close that game right now, you're gonna get rekt for sure!

Son closes Garry's Mod.

Son: Dang it! I had 25 guns! Wait, I can just restore them when I get back on! Yes!

Scenario 3

Garry's Mod has crashed.

Player: Dang it! I was a SWAT! Wait, I can just restore my job when I get back on! Yes!


  • Supports DarkRP 2.5 and above

  • Optimized and lag-free

  • Ability to set certain ranks that can use DataSave

  • Saves(can be disabled individually):
    • Props(no SENTs)
    • Position
    • Angle
    • Color
    • Material
    • Frozen state
    • No-collision state
  • Weapons
  • Jobs
  • Doors
  • Player location

  • Restored props are still undo-able

  • Highly configurable


  • Menu replaced with chat command due to conflicts with MOTDs

  • Added player location saving

  • Further optimization


Simply place the 'datasave' folder into your server's 'addons' folder and edit the 'ds_config.lua' file to your liking!


Q: What will happen if another player builds on the property of a disconnected player and the disconnected player comes back and recovers their props?

A: There will be a configurable save expiration time: If a disconnected player does not come back in that amount of time, they will not be able to recover their data when they join back. If by any chance, another player does build something before their saves expire and the disconnected player comes back, it will overlap the other player's props. Props are still undo-able after they are restored, so the other player can just ask the reconnected player or an admin to undo or remove the props.

Q: Does this addon save money printers, shipments, etc?

A: No, this addon does not save any SENTs to prevent minging. If that was allowed, players could restore their money printers, shipments, and etc if they were stolen.

Demonstration Video

(This video showcases the old version of DataSave. See above for the changes made to the new version.)

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